Wall decoration that is really special and enchant your home. With a wall clock, this will be easy for you. Let’s see why it’s worth exploring the range of options available on this subject.

The need for timing has engendered people from the beginning. We could hardly meet a household where a quality wall clock would not fit. It is no coincidence that the timekeeping device can be a good service both in the living room and in the kitchen.

History of wall clocks

Our timing has been aligned with astronomical phenomena since ancient times. In the beginning, people used the sundial to measure time. As society has continued to evolve, there is a growing need for humanity to acquire more efficient timing technologies. Until the latest age, the mechanical clock showed the time.  

The first portable watches in the modern sense appeared as Peter Henlein’s work, dating back to around 1500 years. These were only in fact the forerunners of pocket watches, although it was a fact that people wore watches rather than in their pockets. In 1675 Huygens discovered the hair spring and created the known regulator of portable watches. The first pocket watch was created in 1847 by Cartier. The first watch was born in 1928.

But how does the wall clock come into play? Well, in the early 17th century, more time was spent designing a wall clock. After that, the first pieces came out, which of course only the more affluent could afford. At that time, its significance was completely different than it is today. It would be best compared to the TV of the modern age, because it was a matter of prestige if someone was at home. Interestingly, the clock mechanism did not change substantially until the 19th century.

Regardless of the fact that it naturally underwent many changes in its appearance. And beyond a certain point, we got to the quartz watch, which is still one of the most popular types of watch movements. The advantage of quartz at that time was that it offered an affordable watch alternative. Consequently, not only the rich but also the poorer could afford it. That’s why it suddenly became extremely versatile. In public places, homes, public institutions, this unusual object was favored.

At the beginning, only the wealthy could afford the wall clock. Luckily, there are many versions available on the market today, and at a very fair price.

2019 Designer Falióra Faldekoráció Falióra

Use Wall clock in your home

The wall clock has a very wide range of applications. You can use it as a complement to your living room decor. Not only is it a great solution for decorating a wall, but it is also practical! It can be used as a décor alternative in any corner of our home. Just think of the cute little kid’s wall clocks on the market to perfect the nursery decor. A designer wall clock offers a truly unique and eye-catching look.

This fabulous product is also a great choice if you want to cover up any defects in the walls of our home. With the help of a giant wall clock, this can be done easily.

Many times, we may encounter tight spaces and this is not necessarily specific to the panel. Here, too, the wall clock is of help, as it can be used to decorate the interior without having to take it out of the space available.

This great product is also a great solution for the hallway. Just think about how much more comfortable it is to look up before departure and check the time, rather than trying to get your phone out of your pocket. What’s more, the room is beautifully decorated.

By styles

In the past, only the classic round wall clock was typical, and almost every household had the same look and feel. Fortunately, there are now alternatives to wall clocks for all popular styles.

Both modern and sophisticated Scandinavian style lovers as well as sympathizers of loft and classical styles will find the wall clock. You don’t have to worry that you won’t find the perfect fit for your home style.

Let’s also see what wall clock alternatives we can offer for different styles

Scandinavian wall clock

A letisztult skandináv stílus igazis popular nowadays. It is no coincidence that with less, sometimes more principles, we can create a truly harmonious living space in our homes. It is precisely these style features that carry the wall clock.

Modern Skandináv Falióra Faldekoráció Falióra

Loft Wall clock

The loft style basically follows the cold and metallic lines of old factory buildings in the interior design. It represents a truly strong, striking and masculine style. II. After World War II, smaller flats were made from abandoned factories, which were available at much cheaper rates.

Ezekbe az otthonokba költöztek be a különböző művészek és tulajdonképpen ennek hatására alakult ki a loft stílusa. Alapvetően a fémből készült falióra az, amely leginkább jellemzi a stílus sajátosságait.

55cm-es Óriás Modern Dekor Falióra Faldekoráció Falióra Color: Gold

Modern wall decoration

There is no doubt that modern style cannot be left out of the beautiful wall clocks. The modern style is very similar to the minimal, except that it allows for a much wider use of color and shape. Modern wall clocks are great for making your home feel fabulous without having to spend a lot of money on decoration.

Of course, the wonders of various LED technology and digital wall clocks are already on the horizon of style. These wall decorations usually have interesting possibilities not only in their appearance but also in their functionality.

3D LED DIGITÁLIS FALIÓRA Faldekoráció Falióra

Classic Style

High class, bright homes are the most typical of the classic style. Of course, with its curved solid wood furniture, it enhances the visual experience.

These wall clocks are made of wood or iron and are a perfect complement to the retro interior feel. You can use these high quality products in the bedroom, living room or hallway. The effect is guaranteed to last.

Retro vintage falióra Faldekoráció Falióra

Wall clock for children

Although not specifically for home decor, we could not miss the wall clock in the nursery alternatives. Of course, here too we have unlimited possibilities. In addition to the traditional designs, we also come across a variety of 3D wall clock wonders that give a truly stunning look.

Cuki Alpakkás Falióra A Gyerekszobába Faldekoráció Falióra


All in all, we can say that the wall clock has a very wide range of applications. The great advantage of this form of wall decoration is that it is easy and quick to install and does not require specialist help. In addition, it offers an economical decoration option that can be used in almost every room of our home.

There is also a very wide range of styles to choose from, as for every popular trend we can find a suitable wall decoration alternative for ourselves.

It also makes it easy and quick to toss in tight spaces, since you don’t have to take away space at your disposal to perfectly position the product in the room.

Typically a product that has been neglected in the past, but fortunately it has been redefined today. Design has also undergone major changes. Virtually every trend can be found, so you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect fit for your home.

Wall decorBot just for home

There is no doubt that nowadays the possibilities of using the wall clock are practically unlimited. With a variety of unique and eye-catching designs, we can easily and quickly personalize the look of your business.

Just think of the special retro wall clock wonders that look great in the interior of a hotel or a baroque-style guest house. These classic but almost indestructible pieces are guaranteed to serve your business well. The most important thing is to be unique and stand out from the crowd.

Especially because this is how our returning customers will remember us and easily identify our company with a look they will be guaranteed to remember.

To help you make the most of your wall clock business and to give your restaurant, restaurant, or even your office a special touch, we offer these products in a variety of styles.

For hairdressers and dentists, we also offer special and unique products, all of which help your clients remember you. In particular, these wall clocks are tailored specifically to the mood of the business in question, both in terms of their function and their appearance.

Wall decoration is also indispensable for restaurants, as we can not only decorate it, but also show the time to our guests. That way, you can give your clients a convenience that even gazes at their eyes.

Office wall decor

The office is also a room where proper appearance is of utmost importance. Just think that the first impression of your clients is your office decoration. This is how they will judge your company before they sit down to negotiate with you. Do you already feel why it is so important to have the right quality and appearance decor in the room?

You can also use wall clock miracles as part of the office decoration that you will find in our offer. All as part of the hallway decor, in the hall, in the courtroom, practically anywhere you want to place a demanding wall decoration arrangement. From modern style to classic-style pieces, you’ll find plenty of ways to get your customers to remember you.

With our help you can be the office you have always dreamed of. You’ll be proud to introduce your guests and you don’t have to look at the wall, you just have to look at the glittering gaze of your interlocutors when they notice your new wall clock.

Use it in the courtroom as well, as it is essential to have an accurate timekeeper so you can always keep track of the outcome of negotiations.

Therefore, we highly recommend that you get a quality wall clock for your office, as you can make drastic changes to the interior atmosphere.

Wall clock for barbershop

We can also offer you high quality products in the hairdressing salon to give your clients a guaranteed look.

As with many businesses, time is of the utmost importance here, so it’s a good idea to get a new wall clock. You must be familiar with the feeling when your clients wait for their turn to embarrassingly scan their hairdressing equipment.

Falióra Fodrászatba Faldekoráció Falióra

In these cases, you definitely need to put yourself in the place of the decor if you want them to be remembered. Of course, accurate and precise work is just as important. With a wall clock, you allow them to avoid having to scrub their phones while sitting down to watch the time. What’s more, if you choose yourself from the arsenal of a high quality wall clock from Decorstar, you can even personalize the atmosphere of the room.

You are guaranteed to get the results you want with our help, and you don’t have to spend huge amounts on a new wall decoration alternative. You can easily get it from us for a few thousand forints.

We also offer products specifically for hairdressers that you won’t see anywhere on the market. It is extremely important to us that these products are unique, quiet and eye-catching.

Wall decor in Kids room

It is undoubtedly a great way to teach our children from the beginning how to read the time with a great wall clock. You can also use it to decorate the room and play while children learn how to read the clock.

In terms of the children’s room wall clock, the possibilities are virtually endless. We can operate with a variety of patterns, fabulous heroes, and colors. Thanks to this, we are sure to find an alternative to the watch that our children will love.

Of course, you don’t have to compromise on styles as we can offer you a great product for every trend. You can find almost all of the popular fairy-tale heroes in our webshop.

If you would like to induce your children with a truly unique and special wall decoration, do not hesitate to order your new watch now for free in the nursery!

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