Night lighting in the nursery – What’s a good alternative?

For our kids, a dark room can be very scary. When we think back to our childhood, we easily realize that we longed for the night light in the dark room. Until then, we didn’t even have the opportunity to choose from better night lights with such a wide range of products. Safety is a priority, so you should only choose a product that complies with European regulations. Second, but at least as important, is energy conservation. After all, when the night light in the nursery is lit all night, everyone strives to use at least Category A LED lighting for the task. In our recent article, we’ve collected some great alternatives to help you find the perfect night light for your kids. Let’s see what these products are.

Animal night light

The boundless love of animals for children is not surprising at all, as we, as adults, have strong feelings for our pet. Ever since the world has been around, children have loved animal clothes and objects. That’s where we came up with the candy factor 100 night light, which will surely be loved.

Desktop LED Lamp

If you just need a small light source to place in the nursery’s bedside table, this great, modern LED desk light can be a great alternative. An energy-saving yet bright light source that can be used boldly as a decoration for the nursery.

LED lamp Minion

If there is a theme that we certainly cannot ignore in children, then it is the Minion. Whatever form and quantity, children simply love it. With this cute little desk lamp, you can be sure to have fun. Power-saving, made with LED technology.

Superhero themed LED lighting

It is also certain that we are not just sympathetic to the world of superheroes as children. Imagine how much children love this kind of decor or lighting. And now we can show you a really creative way of putting quality lighting in. & Nbsp; Equipped with a variety of shapes and lighting to make sure you find your favorite character in our range.

Unicorns in the night light

Unicorn-shaped LED, energy-saving lighting in a really interesting and exciting concept. Available in a variety of colors.


The Inaudible Spiderman, the favorite of every little boy. Available in many colors and sizes. Also energy saving LED technology, which will not add a lot of money to your electricity bill.

Dragon Ball

It is also a topic that is easy to grab the attention of children.


Pokemon Go night lights, available in a variety of colors and types.

Hello Kitty Night light

The dearly popular Hello Kitty is also very popular with our children. Luckily, we don’t have to compromise with this lamp either, as it fits perfectly into any nursery decor and is even more energy efficient. It is also an item of almost a few thousand forints, but we can make a huge impact with it.

If you haven’t found what you are looking for or beyond the nursery where you want stylish and energy efficient lighting elsewhere, you may want to look at our offer. With us, you will be sure to find the one that suits you best, without compromise. Lighting

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