Best Wall Decals for Kids’ Room

Why a wall decal is the best alternative to decorate your kids’ room? Because whether you rent your home or not, you might hesitate to decorate your kids’ rooms with permanent wallpaper or furnishing, so temporary solutions like peel-and-stick wall stickers could be a smart solution. You can choose educational, inspiring or bring a pop of colour or design to your loved one little Empire. And by the time their taste change you can easily remove the wall decals without any hassle. In our product range you will find exciting decals from tiny little stickers to full-on wall murals.

Illuminated Wall Decals

Wall decals that glow in the dark enjoy a great popularity a long time, and we don’t think otherwise. They absorb the light to glow in the dark later. You can make to lull your little one to sweet dreams with a bit of help, using glowing decals on the wall or ceiling. We can offer the best-known elements of the cosmos, like a sizeable luminous moon or shining stars. Most of them are waterproof and mildew proof and easy to stick on the surface.

Jungle-themed Wall Decals 

There is no childhood without big cats, great apes, elephants, large parrots and adventurous jungle tales. Wall stickers depicting animals are not only valuable and educative but can also be a heartwarming decoration for your children’s room. Using them will create a fun and interactive wall feature, with a hint of a tropical vibe. Check out more of our animal-related and jungle-themed wall decals and create your kids’ own personal jungle!

Winnie the Pooh Wall Decals

Who wouldn’t know Winnie-the-Pooh the naive and slow-witted but friendly and always ready to help bear cub? Now you can have all the adorable characters on the wall, choosing from 20 different designs. Some of them will help your kid to learn the alphabet or measure how fast they are growing up. Due to its adhesive, it’s easy to stick on the wall and won’t damage it or leave any residue when removing them.

Super Mario on a Mission!

Super Mario is not limited anymore by the Nintendo universe but can be applied in your bathroom, on any furniture or the surface of the refrigerator. It’s waterproof and easy to apply or remove. They arrive single packaged so you can create any scenario on the wall.     

Girly Wall Decals for Real Princesses

Unisex or boyish stickers should be followed by wall decorations, particularly for little girls. Our product range lists everything that a little girl needs to create her magic land with adorable unicorns, colourful butterflies and blooming flowers. Use them to create the perfect princess room or to indicate where the wall switch is. Our 3D butterflies will make it look like they are flying across the room and the fluffy adorable pink cat and rabbit will give a nice company to your loved one. 

All our the decals can be applied on smooth and solid surfaces, make sure to clean it thoroughly and then press each piece for a minute or use an applicator to remove all air bubbles beneath the decal. Create a unique and personalized space for your children with our high-quality wall decals! Buy them without any risk as all our products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and FREE shipping.

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