Best Wall Clock Selection for Clock Buffs

It’s been a while that smartphones have taken over timekeeping duty, but there’s still something exceptional about a wall clock. Besides all the apparent features, like telling the hour and impress your guests, this timepiece can also make a design statement in your home or office. A timely wall clock is also a great choice if you want to cover some scratch on the wall. With the help of a giant wall clock, you can quickly solve it. We’ve collected the best design pieces to suit any style, whether you’re a minimalist lover or aspiring art collector. 

Clocks for Industrial Fanatics

Buying this beautiful ornamental to your home will surely earn you the design-savvy stamp of approval. Due to its silent mechanism, there is no irritating ticking, so your dreams will be sweet and can focus on your work as well. Made of high-quality medium-density fibreboard wood it’s durable and safe to use on any wall.  


Wall Clock

Loft Wall Clock


The Scandinavian Flair

White surfaces, wood floors, modern furniture, and a lack of confusion. All of these elements describe an interior design using the Scandinavian aesthetic. What else would fit better than a wooden-made sleek Nordic style wall clock? With its excellent workmanship and charming painted look, it will be the essence of your home.

For Classical Lovers

Traditional homes have interior features such as highly detailed elaboration and calm, soothing colours where there is no space for wild or chaotic pieces. Those antique-style, qualified Quartz clocks will be your companion for a long time due to their long-life service and durable material.


Wall Clock

Loft Wall Clock


Modern and Chic Wall Clocks

Whether you prefer a round-shaped, rectangular or a polygonal clock on your wall, here you can find all of them. With their modern and sleek lines, they can be the perfect accessories at any place in your home. All of them were made of non-toxic materials, like iron, acrylic or pine wood to provide a strong and durable service life. Thanks to its QUARTZ mechanism, they adopted high-quality movement, guarantees accurate time and a quiet environment. You can say farewell to the mechanical ticking.

Wall Clocks for the Little Ones

You cannot start early enough to educate children about measuring time and what would be a better piece for this noble task, than a cute cartoon-themed wall clock? All of them were made of a high-resolution laser cutting, have smooth edges, so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your kids. The clocks are easy to apply on any surface, only make sure to clean thoroughly before it. Due to its silent quartz clock movement, nothing will disturb them to lull in sweet dreams.

Disney Tales and Superheroes

The Dark Knight itself can watch over you from the wall. With this Batman wall clock, you get two in one product as it has a wall lamp function as well. It has a 16 Keys LED Remote Controller to switch the colours. What’s more, you will have a variety of light setting, like turn on and off the lights, pause or play, dim or change the speed of them and to create a rainbow effect. Besides boyish pieces, we can offer you the original Disney-themed wall clocks with the Little Mermaid or the Beauty and the Beast.

It is worth to visit back to our webshop as we continually expand our product range with more exciting and unique pieces. All of them will arrive in a safe package, and you can buy them without any risk as all our products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and FREE shipping.

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