Goods arriving from outside the European Union are duty and tax free up to € 22, 22-150 There is a duty-free payment of VAT between the euro but VAT (According to Act CXXVII of 2007 (VAT Act) 2007) and above 150 € customs and general sales tax is also payable.

Above EUR 150, the basis for establishing the duty is fixed the Commercial Customs Tariff, whereby, by law, certain goods or groups of goods different levels of customs debt are established. Web accessibility:

Detailed rules for postal items can be found at On the website of the National Tax and Customs Administration: Applicable for the euro thresholds in the current year HUF amounts are published in the NAV prospectus.

Value of goods ordered Value (EUR) Customs VAT 0-22EUR – – You do not have to pay VAT or customs costs 22-150EUR – 27% VAT payment Above 150EUR tariff rate + 27% VAT