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Which wall clock fits me?

Many times we encounter the phenomenon of the barren world of home decor when an object that has initially been functional become a truly unique and magnificent decor solution. We didn't attach much importance to the wall clock in the past, as it was enough to show us the exact time. However, this view has already completely changed, transformed and developed within the modern age. In addition to loft, Scandinavian, neo-baroque and vintage-style products, there have also been pieces promoting films and favourite characters on the horizon of online stores. And we strive to share all new and exciting things with you to keep your home decor up to date. The clock must be accurate. Therefore, all of our wall clocks are quartz-structured, which guarantees a long-lasting and precise instrument. Quality ingredients will ensure that your new watch purchased with us will serve as a faithful companion for a long time. You can use our watches in almost every corner of your home, but it is worth paying great attention to the appearance of existing furniture and decorations and choosing the right one. 

Wall Clock in The Office

Of course, we do not just have to pay attention to the creative look within our home, as a modern wall clock also looks great in the office. If you want to make your business stand out from the rest, pay attention to unique and creative solutions. Our products are perfect for unforgettable rooms and give a beautiful look that your clients will remember. Would you like to enrich your restaurant with something extraordinary that serves both functional and decorative purposes at the same time?  Fashion Watch wooden Quartz Needle Wall Clock 48x48cm Wall Clock Wall decor

Wall Clock History

Nowadays, smartphones are already the most popular alternative to timing, but the wall clock still looks excellent, adding to the decor of our home's wall. It is no secret that businesslike yet modern wall clocks already exist that impress stunningly in the living room or bedroom. The need for timepieces has appeared in ancient times, so it is not surprising that clocks are an integral part of our daily lives. The first clocks with mechanical structure have undergone tremendous progress throughout history and have almost accompanied the evolution of humanity. Mechanical watches are models that are driven by a "mechanical device". Wall clocks as a decorative element are still trendy even today. All of our clocks are quartz clocks, which are famous for their precision. A typical quartz watch can deviate from the time by up to 15 seconds, which is why it has become prevalent and widespread over time. Among our wall clocks, you can find classic and modern pieces that look perfect as part of home decor. Our stock is continuously expanding, so it's worth checking back every week, as you may come across many new pieces.

Ring of Styles

Surely wall clocks can be ordered in many styles nowadays from the modern Scandinavian style to the classic clock wall alternatives that lighten the mood of your home. You can order these products in a variety of colours and sizes, so you don't have to worry about anything. We strongly recommend that you choose an alternative to the wall clock that matches your style. Certainly, in the interior design world, we often mix different forms, but in this case, we do not recommend it. Beautiful wooden wall clocks match beautiful Scandinavian style. If you want to complement your modern home, the plastic wall clock can be a great option. And if you are a fan of the loft-style, we can still offer you great opportunities to transform the mood of your home. Our stainless steel wall clocks create a genuinely stunning atmosphere in loft-style homes. The wall clock is perfect for decorating tight spaces and making it irresistible. Feel free to use it as a complement to your living room, bedroom or hallway. You will not be disappointed with our high-quality wall clocks. What's more, we offer you these products with a 100% guarantee and free shipping. There are many types and colours to choose from. Order now and make the atmosphere of your home irresistible. Choose the product that fits your style best, and you will not be disappointed with the result. Quality home decoration is for you!

Wall Clock as Home Decoration

Wall clock is typically a decoration that we can use in every corner of our home. Lined up above the console table in the hallway, it looks great. Putting it in the focus of our living room also provides a truly immersive look. We can put it on the wall of our bedroom, not to mention the possibilities of decorating the kids' room. It is a unique piece, as it helps to rebuild tight spaces as well as save space. But where does it come from? Why is it so fashionable these days? Let's get closer to the wall clock than the world of wall decoration!

History of Wall Clocks

Our timing has been aligned with astronomical phenomena since ancient times. In the beginning, people used the sundial to measure time. As society has continued to evolve, there was a growing need for humanity to acquire more efficient timing technologies. Until the latest age, the mechanical clock showed the time. The first portable watches in the modern era appeared as Peter Henlein's work, dating back to around 1500 years. These were only, in fact, the forerunners of pocket watches, although it is a fact that people wore watches rather than pockets. In 1675 Huygens discovered the hairspring and created the known regulator of portable watches. The first pocket watch was created in 1847 by Cartier. The first watch was born in 1928. But how does the wall clock come into play? Well, in the early 17th century, more time was spent on designing a wall clock. After that, the first pieces came out, which of course only the more wealthy could afford. At that time, its significance was utterly different than it is today. It would be best compared to the TV of the modern age because it was a matter of prestige if someone was at home. Interestingly, the clock mechanism did not change substantially until the 19th century, even though it naturally underwent many changes in its appearance. And beyond a certain point, we got to the quartz watch, which is still one of the most popular types of watch movements. The advantage of quartz at that time was that it offered an affordable watch alternative. As a result, not only the rich but also the poor could afford it. That's why it suddenly became extremely versatile. In public areas, homes and public institutions, this unusual object has been favoured.

What Does a Wall Clock Mean To You?

A wall clock is a decorative solution that provides both useful and eye-catching visuals. You can find many wall clocks in the style of our webshop. Some pieces go well with the loft-like interior. Others prefer a lean and modern style home with great decor. If you like the classic style wall clock, you can also choose from a large selection. You can use this precious object as part of the kids' room, as there are many wall clocks that kids will love. We can offer an alternative for every type of home. In case you want to smuggle a bit of uniqueness into the atmosphere of your home, we are happy to offer you a truly unique wall clock alternative.

Installing the Wall Clock

Installing a wall clock is extremely easy. It is easy and quick to do at home so luckily you don't have to consult a specialist to install it on the wall of your home. Each wall clock comes with a mounting guide that makes it easy to install. You can make a great difference in the mood of our home and come across genuinely unique decoration solutions. As a result, you can easily find the wall clock that best fits the atmosphere of your home. Don't worry, take a look around our offer!

What Are They Made Of?

Wall clock, like so many other decorative devices, can be found in an extensive range of materials on the market. We can meet wood, plastic and metal wall clocks, but unique materials such as acrylic have already appeared in the interior design world. All in all, we can say that they operate with a wide variety of materials when making wall clocks. Each element has its advantages and disadvantages. The wood wall clock is a natural material, so it requires care. In contrast, plastic acrylic wall clocks are less demanding in this regard.

Wall Clock's Role in The Interior Design

Wall clock has always been a constant feature of the interior design. People have been busy with time from the start, so every home should have a fabulous wall clock. While in the past we used to have the usual circular clock in our homes, nowadays it has changed, and innovative forms have become more and more fashionable. The size of the wall clock has increased over the years and has become increasingly central. The mirror effect version has become extremely popular, giving a stunning decorative look to the room where we place it. Besides, children's furniture is also trendy. As the years have gone by and the digital era has begun, of course, different versions of the wall clock with digital display have appeared on the market. However, it is not uncommon to encounter unique perpetual wall clocks. So, overall, this product is a great option both as a decorative solution and as a practical timekeeping tool. 

Why Choose a Decorstar Wall Clock?

There are many popular styles in our range, but we prefer modern wall clocks. However, those who prefer the classic look will also find plenty of suitable wall clock alternatives. We should not neglect the importance of this unique decoration element in our home. In the past, there were no particular options for this unusual decoration item. Still, nowadays these products have got such a modern and creative look that it is worth considering buying them. Sometimes, it is enough to change a few small things to achieve great results in home decor. Each wall clock is made of high-quality materials and has an unmatched appearance that will enchant almost any room in your home. Give it a try, and you will not be disappointed. Of course, every product is shipped free of charge and comes with a 100% guarantee. If you are interested in other wall decoration we can offer you wall stickers and canvas prints either.
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