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High Quality Rugs

The rug is perfect for making the atmosphere of our home stunning. Although it’s just a small volume thing, sometimes our home really only needs to be replaced with a decoration to be able to be completely renewed. You can find a wide range of alternatives in our offer. From the deservedly popular shaggy rug, practically all the popular products can be found with us as well. One has long enjoyed the use of carpets. No wonder, as he doesn’t like to immerse himself in the big questions of life by having a coffee on a comfortable rug. We are sure that everyone is happy :) Carpet weaving is one of the oldest handicraft techniques. This handicraft is mentioned in Homer's Iliad, or even in the Old Testament. Nevertheless, there is little written material from which scientists could deduce the exact date of birth of the first carpet. So its origin cannot be determined either geographically or in time. Nevertheless, most researchers agree on the fact that it is most likely that nomadic tribes in Central Asia began making rugs and from there spread to all over the world. The oldest piece known today was found in the 1940s, nowhere else but in the Siberian Atlantic Mountains. The other objects found around him also confirmed the theory that it was most likely made by a nomadic ethnic group that pursued a nomadic lifestyle. The Ermitage Museum preserves this unique piece of carpet, which became famous as the "Paziriki Carpet".

The beginnings of the carpet's journey

The most important commercial center for the Eastern Carpet was in Bakhara. Interestingly, the bakhara rug is still known today and a pattern consisting of a combination of different tribal motifs can be observed on it. The well-known urban version of this beautiful product may have evolved thanks to the booming trade of the 16th century. As the number of orders was huge even in the initial stages, a number of carpet workshops have been set up in the larger cities to cater to emerging needs. Fortunately, it was possible to make even larger quantities and even higher quality carpets in these workshops. Interestingly, while in the case of village rugs or nomadic rugs, they are usually "made from memory", cities have already developed a profession specifically for designing these high-quality rugs. Carpet makers create these fabulous pieces based on an exact blueprint. So carpet making also has its own meticulous and precision process. But let’s see how these beautiful home decorations are made.  

The process of knotting the carpet

The first step is to apply the pick-up threads in each case. They can be made of wool, cotton or silk. Otherwise, the quality of the carpet is greatly influenced by the amount of these slats. The more pick-up threads are placed on it, the better the carpet will be. As a second step, a thin strip is made of horizontal cross-fibers. And the third step is knotting. A knot is followed by the application of two or three cross strands. These two three rows of cross strands are compacted with an iron comb. This is followed again by a series of knots and the process is thus repeated until we reach the end of the knotting process. The knotting process is completed with cross threads. The tufts are made into tufts at the end and these will be the determinants of the whole product. So we can see that carpet making is an extremely complex process that offers meticulousness and great dexterity. This tradition is preserved to this day to bring truly quality rugs into your home. In our offer we could come across beautiful rugs with several patterns and colors. We have carefully selected them to fit perfectly into any style of home. For both neo-baroque and Scandinavian homes, we offer high-quality carpet alternatives for modern and loft-style homes. Take a look around our offer, because you will definitely not be disappointed with your new rug. And if you have any questions, always look for our helpful customer service, where they are at your disposal, whatever the problem. We offer you our carpets with free delivery and a 100% guarantee, thus ensuring a perfectly risk-free purchase. Immerse yourself in the fabulous world of carpets with us!
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