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History of Wall Decoration

The decoration of the inhabited space has engendered humanity from the beginning. Even the caveman was trying to make his surroundings more beautiful and cosy with cave drawings. Over time, the desire to create the living environment around us much better with the help of wall decorations has increased. In the 11th century, embossed and gilded leather ornaments were most common, but expensive fabric hangings also appeared in French and Italian castles and later, all over Europe. Not surprisingly, the tremendous change was brought about by the mass production of wallpaper in the early 1800s. Due to the dynamic development of the printing industry, more people had the opportunity to purchase cheaper wall decorations. Although previously, only the privileged and well-off were given this luxury.

The Wallpaper Age

Wallpaper has been produced for a wide range of audiences, the explosive growth allowed of these products to appear on a broader substantial style palette. A unique and fascinating peculiarity of the human race is that it captures emotions, desires or loved ones with the help of materials appearing in its surroundings. Wall decoration evolved, as demands grew in parallel with the improvement of our environment and the elements claiming to design and decorate. From the 14th century onwards, beside embossed, gilded leather, we encountered particularly expensive fabric draperies in French-Italian castles, and the homes of the feudal aristocracy of Europe, elevating the prestige, richness and propriety of its wealth to the world. Later, wall decorations changed significantly, but one thing remained the same. By far, this is one of the best alternatives for decorating narrow spaces. Fashion Watch wooden Quartz Needle Wall Clock 48x48cm Wall Clock Wall decor

Wall Decor Nowadays

Wall decoration has become extremely popular on the market because it has also made it possible for people with a smaller living environment to make their home a bit chic. It helped to bring home decor to a higher level. Think of those small rooms where we can no longer place any furniture. The only decorative alternative is the wall that remains. In these cases, a great new and spectacular wall sticker or wall panel, but of course, beautiful shelves will help us to decorate. Not only are they space-saving but also practical. Alongside classical styles, there are a variety of abstract and Scandinavian trends that offer fascinating opportunities. Creative wall decor trends have also become extremely popular, as we can make the ceiling chandelier beautiful with some beautiful décor stickers, or we can make the wall area in the focal point of the room fabulous. You'll also find new and exciting wall clocks in our range, which will add a new robe to the atmosphere of your home. The room decor can be excelled by the embossed wall sticker that sits on the wall. It is also a straightforward task to put in place and does not require the assistance of a professional, and the result is simply amazing. We also offer great wall decoration for the children's room, which will undoubtedly give you pleasure. Of course, we offer a 100% guarantee.

Decorstar Product Range

Nowadays, there are numerous variants of wall decoration on the market. In addition to wall clocks, wall stickers and quality canvas prints, wall panels and creative decorations are gaining ground. Generally speaking, wall decoration can easily overcome the decorative difficulties of tiny spaces or smaller rooms. If there is not enough space, we can raise our decor to a higher level with a beautiful wall sticker or decorate the children's room with these products. For those who prefer classical style, we recommend the quality and beautiful oil painting palette where there are countless styles they come across these decorative elements. Of course, we give a 100% guarantee on all our products, you don't need to take any risk. Feel free to take a look at our beautiful 3D wall sticker and if you are not satisfied you can return it anytime within 30 days. Our goal is to help you become the star of the interior design and create the living space you have always dreamed of. Take a look at our offer, you will not be disappointed. We are offering you a huge range of products in wall decoration category. Canvas print, wall clock and wall stickers.
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