We’ve all been in rooms that felt good to stay there for a while. They have a tangible, comfortable atmosphere that makes us want to put up our feet and enjoy the milieu. Lighting is an essential aspect of every room in your home; however, its proper utilization and placement can often cause a challenge. In this article, we will go through some viewpoint and help you how to create the perfect ambient lighting or functional lighting. 

Floor Lamps as The Ideal Complementary of Ceiling Lights

As lighting is an essential part of the decorating process, function and style must meet. Besides its function as a light source, a floor lamp is also a great decoration. These light fixtures should be placed where they are functional, but also where they fit into your interior design. 

Modern and Space-saving

You can create a pleasant ambient atmosphere in your living room without making room for a big lamp-shell. Designers also thought of this when they upgraded classic shapes into refined lines. You can place them anywhere in any room where you find a little place for the bottom of the light fixture. To create the perfect ambience light can be adjusted by remote control along with three colour temperature, like warm white, natural white and cool white, and also can dimming brightness. 


Where Should Wall Lamps be Placed? 

Wall lighting makes a room feel brighter and spacious while creating a pleasant atmosphere. Wall-mounted fixtures balance overhead light sources while draw attention to a particular corner of the room, a decoration, or even has a functional role. While applying wall lights is undoubtedly essential as a decorative feature, they also serve multiple functions for reading, proper task lighting and general safety for corridors and staircases.

As a general rule of thumb, wall-mounted fixtures should be placed around 150-170 cm (around 5-5.5ft) above floor level, while multiple wall lights should be placed around 250-300cm (or 8-10ft) apart. It would be best if you aimed for the top of the wall light to sit at eye level, to avoid glare from the exposed bulb.

Unconventional Lines and Shapes

A wall lamp offers endless possibilities to illuminate your room and serve as a fitting decor on your wall at the same time. They can be chosen from a variety of colours and shapes and light can be adjusted along with three colour temperature, like warm white, natural white and cool white. All of them made by strong and durably metal or aluminium and have a great heat dissipation.

Design Elements on Your Wall

Just because a lamp needs to be functional, it can have an exciting and eye-catching form at the same time. At our product range, you can find all sort of style from Scandinavian, retro or other creative light fixtures. Some of them can be turn on and off by your touch, and change their light colour by remote control or wall switch.

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